Career Counselling

Our professional career counselors give support to clients with career-related challenges. Through our expertise in career development and the international labor markets, we place clients’ qualifications, experience, strengths and weakness in a broad perspective while also considering their desired remunerations, personal hobbies and interests, location, job market and educational possibilities.

Through their counseling and teaching abilities, our career counselors can additionally support people in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally, how we can plan their careers autonomously, career path assessments or help them in making tough decisions and getting through times of crisis. Our career counselors are often capable of supporting our clients in finding suitable placements/ jobs, we provide additional services some of which include personality profiling aptitude testing to assure clients and also create awareness of self in order to ensure appropriate placements.

At CBD we ensure that the counselling process is an interpersonal process designed to assist individuals with career development problems. In the 21st century our career counselors must respond to global unemployment, corporate downsizing a seemingly jobless economy, global competition of small companies via information highway not to mention the pertinent requirements of today’s workplace:
Using computer technology

Engaging in lifelong learning
Interacting effectively with diverse co-workers
Tolerating ambiguity in job security
Being vigilant about maintaining a high level of self and occupational awareness to maintain marketability

We offer our clients a myriad of counselling techniques that not only benefits the individual employees but the organization as a whole. The organizational benefits from the interpretation of assessments, succession planning and talent management strategies that assures best-fit and proper staff placements for the company’s benefit in the long run.