Office Start Ups

Launching a successful start-up company requires commitment, dedication, and perseverance. Many companies fail even if the core technology is innovative and promising. However, when the right technology is implemented at the right time, it has the potential to significantly benefit society. Components of a successful start-up include a compelling concept, a strong market opportunity, a competitive advantage, a sound business and financial plan, and an experienced management team.

At CBD we strongly believe that “Luck and timing are also important”. We guide our clients along the journey from conception to fruition and remain strategic partners to ensure sustainability of the business moving forward.

We at CBD pride ourselves in our indigenous roots in Ghana, we assist start-up companies to learn the ropes while guiding them along the way; we do so through our links in both the private and public sectors of the Ghanaian economy assisting our clients in the right regulatory and compliance paths, tax implications as well as offering sound advisory services that will set our clients on the right track towards development. We also assist in obtaining the right licensing and insurance as well as banking services that will efficiently set-up the client company’s properly.

With our wide range of service delivery techniques CBD offers our business/office start-up clients the whole spectrum of services ranging from strategic recruitment and selection services, industry specific policies and procedures guidelines, general human resourcing strategies that will set our clients on the path to success and competitive advantage in their operating industry.