At CBD we do not only embark on assigned recruitment drive for our clients, we utilize modern/unique and innovative techniques to ensure the best fit/suited talent is acquired for our clients, aside from the traditional methods of recruitment. Techniques utilized range from psychometric analysis, personality profiling, assessment centers, group type assessments and various modern testing techniques to ensure the right talent is matched to the role being sought for. Our methods match professional world class standards.

In identifying the needs of our clients, CBD advocates to our clients that strategic management begins with identifying the needs of our client’s organization as they relate to current and future labor demands. Accomplishing this task requires the ability to identify the various jobs and roles needed within the organization to meet current and future goals related to production and growth.

Once these are identified, CBD will design clear and concise job descriptions and duties that will help ensure that recruitment remains streamlined and aimed at efficient recruitment and hiring. Once that is done, we design innovative recruitment techniques to attain the best that not only suits our client culture but also aligns with the vision, mission and values of the client company.